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Pharmarise Medical Mall Sapporo Inquire by tel 011-209-5410 Inquire in Mail
MPS Ladies’ Medical Checkup Clinic
【Medical Checkup Center】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5450 Inquire in Mail
Miyazaki Surgery·Hernia Clinic
【Day Surgery/ Surgery/ Anesthesia】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5283 Inquire in Mail
Sapporo Workers’ Clinic
【Labor Health】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5544
Hokkaido Orthopedics Memorial Hospitals JR Tower Clinic
Inquire by tel 011-209-5025
Sapporo Maternity Womens’ JR Tower Clinic
【Obstetrics and Gynecology】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5350 Inquire in Mail
Uede Neurosurgery Clinic
Inquire by tel 011-209-5232 Inquire in Mail
Aishin Cardiology Clinic
【Cardiology·Cardiovascular Surgery】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5250 Inquire in Mail
Aishin Internal Medicine·Gastroenterology Clinic
【Internal Medicine·Gastroenterology】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5265 Inquire in Mail
Abiko Eye Clinic
Inquire by tel 011-209-5285
Dentistry Omnidentix JR Tower
【Dentistry·Oral Surgery·Pediatric Dentistry·Orthodontic Dentistry】
Inquire by tel 011-209-5385
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