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The mall aims to provide medical service to widely ranging people in all of Hokkaido.

  • At an ideal location that is directly connected to Sapporo Station, which is the terminal station in Hokkaido, the mall practically covers all of Hokkaido in its medical care area (market).
  • In addition to the wide medical zone, there is a wide range of patient types, including office workers on the way home from work, those who receive company physical checkups, and shoppers – the size of our target market is beyond estimation.

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Operating company

This mall is operated by F.T.Pharmarise Corporation (located in Tomakomai city, Hokkaido; Masanori Maruta, Representative Director), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmarise Holdings Corporation (located in Nakano-ku, Tokyo; Masayuki Akiyama, President and Representative Director), which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market. Pharmarise Holdings Corporation forms the Pharmarise Group, together with operating subsidiaries that mainly conduct dispensing pharmacy business and affiliated companies . We have continued to contribute to the community medical care throughout Japan.

The Pharmarise Group operates dispensing pharmacies in Hokkaido. Based on the recognition that Hokkaido is its prior district, the group will continually work to expand its operating base.
In this effort, the group engages in the Sapporo Medical Mall business with commitment, as a new approach to contribute to the community medical care in Hokkaido.

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