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High-level medical service equivalent to a general hospital

This is a comprehensive medical mall consisting of two floors (7, 8F) of JR Tower, which is Sapporo Station's symbol tower. At the information desk, much like at a hotel, our staff kindly gives visitors information on the medical departments.

Highly experienced doctors and advanced medical equipment enable us to provide high-level medical service equivalent to a general hospital.

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Sapporo JR Tower

Our medical mall opened at the same time as the opening of JR Tower in March 2003. From the beginning, we have had 11 medical departments with advanced medical equipment including MRIs and CT scans, so that complete physical examination can be performed. Our goal is to contribute to consistent health management from preventive medical care to treatment for people not only in Sapporo but also in the entire Hokkaido area.
Our medical mall has come to be widely recognized throughout Hokkaido. In the future we will make efforts to provide high-quality medical service to tourists and foreigners in Hokkaido as well.

I would like people who already use our medical mall and those who will be invited to our mall to give us their candid feedback for our progress.

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